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Behind its look of the big warlike fortress, La Chartreuse Sainte Croix is the only example of an old monastery being transformed into a charming little village. Just goes to show you can recycle anything.

Silence. We're visiting.
Don't worry, nobody is going to ask you to do penance to get through the door. And you'll see, everything is orderly and beautiful, but without luxury or ornateness. Because the Chartreux Order that occupied the premises for 5 centuries was of the opinion "that you don't need much to be happy". For sure, that in comparison we look like we're overdoing things. But let's get things back in their place. They were all about contemplation. We're all about action.
Today La Chartreuse consists of 44 houses inhabited by people like you and me leading the ordinary lives of ordinary people. Whereas not so long ago (until 1794) La Chartreuse was inhabited by 12 fathers (the monks that just pray) and 15 brothers (the ones who work for the order's subsistence) all them devoted to living pious lives. No contact with the outside, no distractions (not even WiFi). A monk's life, in other words. And, of course, no women. Except a certain Beatrix de la Tour, who founded the site. A worthy ancestor of some of today's exceptional women, who lived and died among all these Men. Respect .
You have to admit the site is pretty magic. From the Fathers' courtyard to the Brothers', from the churches to the old kitchens not to mention the reconstituted retreat of a Chartreux father, La Chartreuse has many treasures to share: wall paintings 14th century church stalls, fortified façade, among other things. Once you've looked round and learned all there is to know about monastic life, you will be allowed to go and taste the magic beverage: the legendary Chartreuse. A green liqueur carefully concocted from 130 different plants, which seriously risks getting you drunk. Literally and figuratively. So, say a little prayer for your salvation and let's return to life outside.

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