Design-me a video game

Boutique cite du design saint etienne

What if we play? An idea quite interesting! To do so, let’s go to the Cité du design in Saint-Étienne. There, we test, we stroll and obviously, we play one of the 30 video games (vintage or not) provided. On top of that, we can even try for the first time the game design thanks to only one exhibition: “Design-moi un jeu vidéo”. So, let’s go to Saint-Étienne before March 22nd, 2020.

exposition design moi un jeu video saint etienne

Staying in a creative neighbourhood

FabLab Saint-Etienne
Gamebuino Saint-Etienne

Being at the heart of the creative neighbourhood, better take advantage of the opportunity to explore every nook and cranny of it. There, we reinvent ourselves and we invent tomorrow. All of this thanks to denoting places opened to everyone.
Let’s go to the Mixeur, a place of art, science and design. We keep it up with the FAbLAb where we try, create and share new ideas. For people feeling peckish or really hungry, we can even end up at the FABuleuse Cantine, meeting place mixing a no-waste fight, recreational cooking, and workshops with a cultural and social program. Around here, there are plenty of … ideas. The proof is that we even invented a new video game console arousing one’s curiosity: the Gamebuino.

Quartier creatif saint etienne

If we hit it off ...

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taverne du gobelin

While we’re here, we go for a wander in town, or even several. Strolling along the main street we call “grand’rue”, we stop at Geek and Beers to treat ourselves or somebody else with, why not, a beer from Saint-Étienne. Why not ? What if we continue towards the Taverne du Gobelin, or 4 Gamers to sip a drink along with a little game (video or not)? Nice, isn’t it? Finally, we end up recharging the batteries by sitting down 5 minutes on one of the “Bancs d’essai” (test benches) of the city (ideally with a USB port 😉).

Top Tip

Around Saint-Étienne, there are plenty of ideas to visit the city differently. With this one, we even save money. So, take advantage of 10% off when buying online our tourist pass, the City Card!