Make way for culture through many local festivals, but known beyond our borders! Yes, because here, we have ideas and we like to share them. So, we follow the guide for one, two or several busy weekends!

Plenty of Festivals around here

Near Saint-Etienne, it bubbles up all year round. Film festival, street art festival, comedy festival, jazz festival, electro, classical or celtic music festival, there is something for everyone!
Here, culture makes its show! For the occasion, we have decided to select for you a few festivals dedicated to music and which take place this second part of the year. But if you want even more, it’s around here.

To go further

We take advantage of our weekend in Saint-Etienne to (re)discover another facet ou side of the local cultural scene:

  • A visit of the Opera‘s manufacturing workshops followed by a show made in the Opera of Saint-Etienne.
  • A show at the Comédie with the new or former students of this institution from Saint-Etienne.
  • A concert at Le Fil to discover the rising scene in Saint-Etienne (with a bit of luck, you may come across a group while they’re recording).

It’s up to you to see what suits you best. Otherwise, for the most curious among you, here are a few more ideas to explore the range of talents from Saint-Etienne here.

HAMLET photos Charly JURINE

Top Tip

Around Saint-Étienne, there are plenty of ideas to visit the city differently. With this one, we even save money. So, take advantage of 10% off when buying online our tourist pass, the City Card!