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Saint-Étienne is overflowing with good ideas. HORS CADRE is one of them, one which invites you think outside of the box and see things with a fresh eye. Neighbourhoods that are being transformed, cultural curiosities, design wherever you look... HORS CADRE covers all the initiatives undertaken by Saint-Étienne and the surrounding area to reinvent itself. These bright, scattershot ideas, often a bit scatter-brained, peculiar even sometimes, but always fresh and never preconceived they're all over the city and Sainté (that's us, Saint-Étienne) invites you to come and discover them - any which way you like. So what if, more than just a new way of visiting the Saint-Étienne district, HORS CADRE was actually an opportunity to step outside the box, get off the beaten track and open your mind?

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Take a walk round Saint-Étienne. Several even, in any order, in any direction. Why not start with the Cité du Design, for example.

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City tour

The Grand Tour

Who said you mustn't go over the lines? These little trips out past the city line are well worth the effort.

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Of detours and dams

What if we decided to stonewall doom and gloom? Over in Le Pilat, you'll find plenty of stone walls forming dams, plus romantic, wide-open spaces, hiking, waterfalls, an observatory......


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