The 2024 Olympic Games

So after 1 century, the Olympic Games will be making their return to our country. From 26 July to 15 August 2024 for the Olympic Games and from 28 August to 8 September 2024 for the Paralympic Games, Paris and, above all, the entire Saint-Etienne metropolitan area will be decked out in the colours of the Olympic Games.

The city of Saint-Etienne will be at the heart of the Games

Saint-Etienne has been chosen as one of eight French cities to take part in the Olympic Games. Football is, of course, an Olympic sport, for both men and women, and we’re all delighted!
The famous “Cauldron” will be the venue for both the men’s and women’s competitions, giving our city the prestigious title of “Olympic City”. The Geoffroy Guichard Stadium is preparing to write a new chapter in its legendary history!

Spotlight on the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium

There will be 6 football matches, evenly split between the men’s and women’s teams. Here are the dates to remember:

Wednesday 24 July 2024 : Argentina VS Morocco (3:00 p.m., men)
Thursday 25 July 2024 : Canada VS New Zealand (5:00 p.m., women)
Saturday 27 July 2024 : Ukraine VS Morocco (5:00 p.m., men)
Sunday 28 July 2024 : France VS Canada (21:00, women)
Tuesday 30 July 2024 : USA VS Guinée (7:00, men)
– Wednesday 31 July 2024 : Zambie VS Germany (19:00, women)

The icing on the cake is that the French women’s team will be on show at the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium on 28 July.



Get ready to vibrate to the rhythm of the Games and experience the electric atmosphere of the Chaudron! The teams taking part in the matches at Geoffroy-Guichard stadium are now known. Now is the perfect time to reserve your tickets and guarantee your place in the stands.

Go to the official Olympic and Paralympic Games ticket office to choose your seats and experience unforgettable moments.

An all-out feat

The Olympic Flame, which was lit in Olympia (Greece) on 16 April 2024, will cross the Mediterranean aboard the legendary Belem, one of France’s oldest three-masted sailing ships, before disembarking in Marseille on 8 May. The relay will then travel through 64 territories (départements, including the Loire, cities and overseas territories) before reaching the capital of Paris on 26 July, the date of the opening ceremony.

The Olympic Flame comes to Saint-Etienne!

The Olympic Torch Relay, an exceptional event at the heart of the Games, will be making a stop in Saint-Etienne on Saturday 22 June 2024. The Flame will end its journey in Saint-Etienne at the Geoffroy Guichard stadium. Get ready for a memorable day! For those who are wondering: will the Olympic Flame pass through other parts of the Loire? Rest assured, after Saint-Etienne, it will continue its journey through the Loire department. The passage of the Flame is a festive moment that awakens the passion for the Games in us all, rekindling the enthusiasm of millions of spectators around the world.

Torchbearers, bearers of hope

The torchbearers
Who carried the flame? Celebrities, athletes, but not only… In fact, the main aim of the Torch Relay is to shine the spotlight on people we don’t necessarily know, but who are doing incredible things on their own. These are men and women from all walks of life, young and old, with and without disabilities, who inspire us and achieve great and small feats every day.
In 2024, there will be 10,000 torchbearers (who will each cover 200m) in no fewer than 400 towns crossed by the flame.

Do you know the meaning of the Olympic flame, motto and rings?

The 5 rings

These represent the 5 continents on the flag, on a white background. They are all linked together to show that the Olympic Games are for everyone, no matter where they come from. With the five colours (blue, yellow, black, green, red) and white, we cover all the nations. So we’re putting aside the idea that each colour represents a particular continent and celebrating the coming together of athletes from all over the world!

The flag:

The 5 rings? They represent the 5 continents.
On the flag, they are on a white background. They’re all linked together to show that the Olympic Games are for everyone, no matter where they come from. With the five colours (blue, yellow, black, green, red) and white, we cover all the nations.
So we’re putting aside the idea that each colour represents a particular continent and celebrating the coming together of athletes from all over the world!

The motto:

“Citius Altius Fortius” is Latin and means “Faster, Higher, Stronger”.
It’s like a motivational cry for athletes during the Olympic Games to give their all in competition.


  • Jeux olympiques
  • Jeux olympiques

Explore Land of Games 2024

As we await the arrival of this not-to-be-missed event, the whole of the Saint-Etienne metropolitan area is abuzz with excitement and preparing for its arrival. And just as well, because with the Paris 2024 Land of the Games label, a whole host of activities can be organised. In fact, to keep the most impatient among us entertained until the summer of 2024, we invite you to discover some of the activities available free of charge as part of Explore Terre de Jeux. New activities and events will be added every year, so be sure to check this section regularly!

Furthermore, several sports facilities in the Metropolis are in the running to become training centers in preparation for the 2024 Olympics. So, keep your eyes open; maybe you’ll come across one of the athletes around a street corner or in a park.

I don’t know about you, but on our side, whether it’s for the 2023 Rugby World Cup or the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we can’t wait to join the celebration!

To find out all you need to know about the Olympic Games, visit the official website: Paris 2024.




  • The main Châteaucreux station, located at the heart of the new business district, provides public transport links to the city center in 10 minutes, to the Congress Center business district in 20 minutes and to the Plaine Achille creative district, Saint-Etienne Parc Expo /Zénith in 30 minutes.
  • Direct TGV links Saint-Etienne <>Paris in just 2 hours 45 minutes (4 daily round-trips)
  • TER links Saint-Etienne <> Lyon in less than 50 minutes (more than 80 SNCF connections per day).

Details here!
And don’t forget carpooling! With Saint-Etienne Métropole, La Roueverte, Blablacar and many others, it’s always better and more convivial!

More information here!

Opt for a gentle means of transport. Choose from streetcars, buses and Vélivert electric bikes. Yes, in Saint-Étienne we like to get around in an environmentally-friendly way!
For more information, go to the “Getting around” page.

Tips to make your stay easier

We’ll help you make the most of your stay with :

Discovering Saint-Étienne and the surrounding area

You never know, maybe you’re preparing to come to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, in which case we’ll make your life easier with a few suggestions. Below, you’ll find our selection of hotels, places to grab a bite to eat and places to have a drink. 😉

Where to buy souvenirs?

Saint-Étienne has everything you need to please! Between Magasin Saint-Étienne Hors Cadre, which offers products manufactured less than 50 kilometers away, and designer boutiques such as Boutique Bodo, La femme à barbe, Les Cafines… you’re bound to find what you’re looking for!




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