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  • 2 Avenue Grüner
    42000 Saint-Etienne


An administrative building designed as an exceptional architectural piece, now there's a good idea, one transformed in a stroke of genius by Manuelle Gautrand. Proof (if any were needed) that the city is a huge open-air gallery with an indomitable spirit.

It hits you in the eye, takes your breath away and stops you in your tracks: you are looking at the Ilot Gruner. An atypical building whose architecture is carefully designed to attract the attention and the sun. Concrete, glass and a riot of colour in an organised cacophony. Here flamboyant yellow distracts from coal black and football green. Inside the floors overlap and intermingle. But don't judge a building by its cover: this is no museum or tourist site, but 27,000 sqm of offices whose corridors are trodden by 1,80 pairs of feet. A stand-out concept for a building that reaches a height of 35 metres. Definitely one that is destined to become a symbol of the new, inspired, innovative Saint-Étienne. That's why you shouldn't leave the area without posing for a photo Cannes red-carpet style. But - don't take umbrage - the star is definitely the building, not you.

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