As a music lover, you are sure to have heard of Le Fil (= The thread), the concert hall dedicated to modern music, in the Plaine-Achille district.But that’s not all. As you are also observant, you will be aware that Saint-Étienne has not contented itself with turning this building into just a concert hall. Bingo, Le Fil is not just a hall that holds 1,500 and puts on 110 events every year, with superb acoustics and a bar-club with a patio, but also – last, but not least – three rehearsal and recording studios. A unique, smart place to listen to and make music and sound. Obviously, Sainté has paid great attention to the packaging. Every aspect of the architecture is a tribute to Saint-Étienne design: the metallic exterior, the looms, and the front of the bar that looks like a red ribbon. Come on, show a bit of imagination!
All the info on how to get there and what’s on the programme:

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  • There's no losing the thread
    20 boulevard Thiers
    42000 Saint-Étienne

    04 77 34 46 40