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This is one of the most beautiful villages in France (official: on the Plus Beaux Villages de France list!), and probably the one with the most nerve!
Sainte-Croix-en-Jarez is a village with a bit of a cheek, squatting as it does in a 14th century monastery. Two large squares, a church and some underground passages: the scene is set. A no-frills sort of village, kind of lost in Le Pilat, a place where people came for peace and quiet. “The world turns, but the cross remains” was the motto of the monks before the Revolution and they got it just right. The cross is still here, but the rest has certainly changed. No more silence and austerity. Today it’s drinks with the neighbours, kids playing off-ground tag and visitors are welcome. La Chartreuse has adapted, as you can see, and especially to accommodate our connected teens: it now offers them an “interactive quest” they can pursue armed with their tablets in the old monastery. So you know what you have to do now…


All the info on how to get there plus all the latest news:

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