The expression "be immersed in the spirit of the place" applies literally and figuratively here. The Olympic pool imagined by Le Corbu would finally be completed by his disciple. A visit that refreshes the body and the mind.

Ironically, this is a swimming pool that almost sunk without trace. Down to pure bad luck - Le Corbusier died before he could finalise the project.
To ensure the coherence of the site initially planned was preserved, it was his disciple Wogenscky who took over and began construction in 1970. In a big way.
Same spirit, same audacity, same result.
A colourful, modern facility in tune with the notion of re-creating the body dear to his master and guide.
It has to be said that this wasn't the disciple's first try. His work can be found all over France and Europe from Grenoble to Berlin.

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