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After the Loire on foot and the Loire by bike, try the experience of the Loire (well, just the bit around Saint-Victor) on a river cruiser. Just let the blue horizon guide your visit.

All aboard the "Grangent".
The captain and his crew have gone off to watch the local derby. You're all alone on board. That would be funny, wouldn't it?
No need to panic, you're perfectly safe, floating calmly on the water.
Electric motor, comfy seats, safety barriers, reversing camera (well, maybe, I'm not so sure about that last option).
Sit back, enjoy admiring the landscape (though to be honest, you won't have much choice, unless you want to go overboard) and listen to the guide.
Pay attention, though, you are about to learn loads of stuff about the Dam (same name as the boat and the lake you're on), about how the locks work and the surrounding countryside (you'll see 2 lovely castles and the Réserve naturelle régionale Saint-Étienne - Gorges de la Loire on the right bank of the lake).
Don't hesitate to take some notes, there'll be a short test at the end of the visit. It's not because you're in "cruise" mode that you get away with no effort at all….

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