Of detours and dams

What if we decided to stonewall doom and gloom? Over in Le Pilat, you’ll find some stone (and concrete) walls.

Forming dams: the Gouffre d’Enfer, 53 metres high, the Pas du Riot, 31.5 metres high, Le Piney dam, 45 metres high with its graffiti giant on the wall. A clash of titans, but above all an invitation to overcome vertigo. From the village of Rochetaillée, dominated by its “decapitated” feudal castle, it’s easy to set off on walks to the arched giants. And if your legs want more? Since we’re in the Pilat natural regional Park, all you need is a good map, your walking shoes and off you, go, out into the open spaces. And the amazing thing is this incredible change of scenery is within just a few minutes of Sainté city centre! If you are less earth-bound and you would like to learn more about the constellations, just in case you need it for long romantic evenings, we also have what you need. The Luzernod observatory at La Valla-en-Gier, organises a dozen evenings a year when you can escape into the stars. And once you are in La Valla, it would be a shame not to pop and see Le Saut du Gier, a lovely waterfall just above the village. Just be careful you don’t get wet!