Even if you don’t like football, you will have heard of it. Everybody knows the ASSE, the mythical Saint-Étienne football club.
After all, it is the club with the most French championship titles to its name… ten in all (even PSG hasn’t achieved that yet). The Greens had their own museum before everyone else. In short, the Cauldron, Aimé Jacquet, Platini … we all know them. But the ASSE is like the city of Saint-Étienne: out of the ordinary, creative and innovative. And not everybody knows that. A mascot designed by students at the Fine Arts college, an interplanetary hit pop song sung by a former player (Je te survivrai, d’un amour vivant…), 2600 m² of solar panels on the stadium roof… So, as the chant goes “So who’s the best? The Greens, of course.
All the info on how to get there and what exhibitions to see: www.stephanois-hors-cadre.fr

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