This is the story of a musician, a rather talented one who would fascinate the world with his compositions. And the gentleman is from our town. So there. So we've puffed up our chest and dedicated not just a theatre, but also a square to him - and we take care of his muse.

Come on, just a little effort, just look up and you can't miss me. I'm quite pretty with my slight form, slender look and coppery complexion. What, you don't recognise me? But I am the famous muse of Mr Massenet, composer. You know, the one who made the name of the Opéra-Comique. This is his square. Well, the one they've dedicated to him because they're so proud of him being from Saint-Étienne. But I'm famous too, in fact I could even say I'm popular. And just imagine, in the Second World War I nearly had my head cut off by the Germans (it was all about the metal), but the people of Saint-Étienne saved my life in return for my weight in bronze. So it turns out that it's true that music has charms to soothe the savage breast. So, given that I was rather grateful to be spared, since then I've been up here on my plinth where passers-by can see me. On a Wednesday morning, when the little neighbourhood market is in full swing, I prick up my ears to catch everything that's going on. I love a good bit of gossip. And as I've been here since 1929, I've even learnt "gaga", the local dialect. But don't try and get me to repeat anything, my lips are sealed.

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