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You come to the Cotatay dam for the view, for the fresh air and for the walk. But above all, you come for the peace and quiet. Someone should tell the rowdy fish.

So sunglasses on, hair loose in the wind, rucksack strapped on tight, and here you are at the foot of the famous dam. Ready to start your walk. And what a walk! Water as far as the eye can see, an educational trail and all that peace and quiet.
No bathing, motorbikes or mountain bikes here. The only thing walkers will come across is a few angling fanatics silently gazing at their lines.
Free of the parasites of the city (the noise and the pollution, not anything else) you finally get a close look at the dam. Well, don't lean over too far to look, you're 44 m above the ground up there. Taking a dive might not be such a good idea.
Basically, a dam equals a huge construction job. This monumental job took almost 20 years (8 years of actual construction work) before it opened with great pomp and ceremony in 1906. In the meantime, a few sacrifices had to be made to make way for the dam. Exit a water mill, some paper factories and other sites in the areas. Make sure you don't get in the way special delivery that's arriving. Nothing much, just a million cubic metres of water.

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