This is the story of a neighbourhood that is in the process of reinventing itself. Crêt de Roc might have a strange name, but what it also has in abundance is ideas. Perched up there on its hill, the neighbourhood has undergone a genuine eco-sustainable transformation, but without looking down on anybody – quite the contrary. Sustainable housing, social ties, a youth hostel, alternative modes of consumption, respect for biodiversity… Its famous steps now attract artists, entrepreneurs and voluntary bodies. In fact it’s thanks to one of them that this is a place on the move: Rue du Développement Durable (= Sustainable Development Street). With a very strong commitment to the social and solidarity economy, it organises “thinkshops” with local residents, puts life back in empty premises and even offers solidarity offices. Carton Plein is another association that has turned an old cardboard factory into a pop-up artistic venue open to all. Hurry up and call in there, the ideas just keep coming.