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The rehabilitation of a heritage that's more alive than ever - Saint-Étienne beer! Basically, one of those moments of discovery and shared contentment that we particularly favour in Saint-Étienne.

I bet you thought there was nothing more to be seen in the old Saint-Étienne breweries? Well, you'd be wrong. Thanks to two microbreweries joining forces and especially the creation of a happy band of mates, the Brasserie Stéphanoise (i.e. the "Saint-Étienne brewery" - why look for a complicated name, when something simple and effective will do the job?) has set up home in Saint-Étienne. A place for brewing and for learning about brewing, here you'll find that they talk about their products lovingly and with a sense of humour. And if your nose is tingling at the idea of dipping it in a good head of beer, look no further, you are in the right place. With beers with colourful names like the Manu (in reference to Manufrance) and the Machurée (a reference to the black faces of the local miners), among others, you'll be spoilt for choice. But remember: everything in moderation (especially alcohol).

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