Head for the hills

How about we go and whistle up  on the hill?

Even without the little bouquet of wild roses, the Pilat natural regional Park of the Pilat is worth its weight in peanuts. True, it’s hardly the Andes altitude-wise (the highest peak is about 1400 metres), but there’s a great variety of activities and really something for everyone. In summer, hikers, mountain bikers, joggers share the space, while in winter it’s over to snow shoes (yes, we know they look like tennis racquets – that’s what we call them in French, “racquettes”), cross country skiing and hot chocolate by a cosy fireside. So you can really let yourself go at La Jasserie and finish up with a blue tongue thanks to the homemade blueberry tart. Once you’ve recharged your batteries, the Crêts await you. These are the peaks in the park, Crêt de l’Œillon, Crêt de la Perdrix, Crêt de Peillouté and Crêt de l’Aireiller forming the Fantastic Four of Pilat. Have you the stamina to do them all by hiking the Sentier des crêts trail? If not, you can move down a notch and enjoy some lovely, gentler family walks at Le Bessat. Whether by “hook or by crêt”, we will make sure you have a great time in this little corner of the world, which seems to be suspended in the air, as you get your overview of the region. Ready to go?