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Flaubert explained in his Carnets in 1910 "it is necessary to be strong enough to get tipsy on a glass of water and resist a bottle of rum".
He would have probably enjoyed a drink and a good meal à the Flaubert !

He's probably right about being reasonable with the rum bottle, but there's no reason not to taste a little and take the opportunity to enjoy a good meal. And why not over in Firminy, where the aptly named Brasserie Le Flaubert welcomes Epicureans of all kinds for a good time. At Valérie and Michael's, a friendly, family atmosphere prevails. Situated on one of the liveliest squares in the town, their establishment is the ideal place to enjoy a glass of something and revel in a good, old-fashioned andouillette or a heavenly steak tartare. And the extra something? A billiard table, TV for important sports events and petanque just next door. Life's good, ain't it?

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