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The Gorges de la Loire have incredible ecological wealth. The 4000ha site marks the boundary between the Velay mountains and the plain. The Gorges have a mosaic of natural landscapes due to the presence of local microclimates.

These features create iconic landscapes in the Loire gorges, which are dotted with many picturesque villages.
An exceptional variety of plant and animal life can be found in the Loire Gorges, from St. Paul in Cornillon to St Just-St-Ramber, thanks to the diversity of the terrain and climate. The scenery here is picturesque and filled with contrasts; between the slow meandering of the Loire and its sudden steep slopes, the vast stretch of water at Grangent and plateaux or medieval villages perching on the hilltops. As the crossroads between the Velay mountains and the plain, this strategic ground has also been marked by history. That is why the Loire Gorges are now listed as a heritage site and as a protected site (by the law 'Paysage de 1901'). They are also listed on a European level as Natura 2000 to 2500 ha site and a regional nature reserve of more than 350 ha (www.reserve-regionale-gorges-loire.fr)
Here, in this magnificent setting, there are lots of things to do, such as water-sports, hikes through varied landscapes, tours of typical villages with their numerous castles and churches, attending the events organised all around the region, or simply relaxing on the beach in St. Victor. A whole region to discover and respect.
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