• Maison du passementier
    20 rue Victor Hugo
    42650 Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds


OK, so you're quite up to the Great Loop... Shame, but why not try the loop around Sainté?

At Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds, it's the ribbon maker you have to call in on. More particularly, his house which is a museum/workshop that tells with passion the tale of this trade that marked the village between the 17th and 20th centuries. In Sorbiers, a short bucolic walk is organised in the Parc de Valjoly. Terrenoire is an electro pop group from Saint-Étienne that are making quite a name for themselves, but it's also the name of a neighbourhood of Sainté that you really shouldn't miss. Above all, a trip to the Château de la Perrotière is a must. It has a park that is well worth a wander on a nice day. At L'Étrat, you might be lucky enough to meet the green angel of Saint-Étienne football club coming out of the official training centre. So get your jersey on, buckle up and get going.

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