• 1 rue Eugène Weiss
    42000 Saint-Etienne


Everybody (well, almost everybody) loves chocolate. But between chocolate and Saint-Étienne, things are serious. A love story that has lasted for nearly 250 years, actually. Without getting into a rut though – we all know how Sainté likes to keep reinventing itself.

Nor is Saint-Étienne chocolate only there to be tasted, it's also there to be visited. Ateliers Weiss have been melting, glazing and coating since 1882, and now they've decided to open their doors to the public. No need for a winning ticket, here everyone is welcome to come and visit the chocolate factory, take part in tasting workshops, give in to neapolitans, nougastelles and other delights, and above all, to create their own tablet of chocolate. Willy Wonka can go back to his day job.

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