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How to be at the gateway to urban effervescence and enjoy the rustic calm of the countryside at the same time.
That's the challenge that this village decided to meet. So that they could show it's possible to keep up with the times without being untrue to yourself. So there!

The call of the city may be strong, but Saint Paul isn't the sort to let itself get pulled in.
Of course, this whole urbanised valley is nice and practical, but here it's good to be home, in the calm and tranquillity.
The thing is, the Sampoutaires (that's what they call the locals) have got used to being sheltered from the world by their medieval fortifications.
It's true that once you're in this peaceful, natural setting, you don't really feel like going anywhere (and it's well known that the grass is not always greener).
Here the talk is of silk and ribbons. And of the "Marquise" pencils we are so proud of. And more than anything, we talk about water.
First of all, because there's often been a shortage of water hereabouts.
And then because the village has some remarkable features, including a well with a tortoiseshell dome and one of the few well sweeps still surviving in France (listed as a Historic Monument).
Here the buildings are stylish hôtels particuliers, the houses bourgeois and the towers Gothic. Here the lives are authentic.

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