When the mist descends into the valley, you could easily believe you were in some Celtic land, so much does the castle perched up on the Rock remind you of legends from over the Channel.

And yet you are still at the gateway to Le Forez and the castle, which now turns away its visitors (only the chapel is still open to visit), is the southern guardian of Saint Paul en Cornillon.
Here you will find a complete range of legends of all kinds centred on the castle, the churches and even the belvedere (minus the bagpipes and ghosts). And you wouldn't think it, but that explains a lot.
Family quarrels, impossible love stories (Charlotte de Suze and Robert de Jarjaye, a local version of Romeo and Juliette), tales of vendettas (complete with a manhunt and the murder of the Count of Le Forez), pillaging, fires.
And you still haven't seen and heard it all. Impossible to leave this site with climbing to the top of the legendary Mont Fayn.
Up there, you will find viewpoint indicator and an incredible view over the Loire Gorges (with the Le Pertuiset bridge in the background). Ah yes - you also risk hearing the giants talking - but don't worry, they are busy blacksmithing.

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