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With over 6000 Baldomériens, Saint-Galmier is a town that’s good to live in! These various assets charm visitors and make it a dynamic, sociable and attractive town.

This former Gallo-Roman town, a heritage town, is crowned by a 15th-century Gothic church. As you walk along you can discover its old market district with the Saint-Etienne Door (14th century), the Renaissance House (16th century), the Notre-Dame des Pauvres chapel (15th century), the cloister of the Ursuline Convent (17th century), the La Devise Door (16th century) and many other reminders of the past. Today this town of creators is home to 12 artists from varied backgrounds: glass, sculpture, ceramics, painting, leather, woodwork and jewellery. Saint-Galmier, town of art, also has a gallery, Le Caveau des Arts. As well as its regular exhibitions, the municipality is constantly hosting artistic events: Painters’ Day, Creators’ Weekend, Festibois... A 4 fl ower-rated fl oral town since 1999, Saint-Galmier invites you to visit its Rose Garden and Municipal Park. A sparkling town where Badoit water has sprung naturally in the town since Roman times. Ideally located twenty or so kilometres from Saint-Etienne and sixty or so from Lyon, Saint-Galmier is not quite in the north and not quite in the south, but has inherited a sense of hospitality and solidarity from the former, and the mild weather and greatly appreciated quality of life from the latter. The Baldomérienne town, named after one of its protectors -Sanctus Baldomerus- proudly proclaims its slogan "There’s always something going
on in the town that sparkles"...

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