Walk through the cobbled streets of the historic district and discover its 15th and 16th century bourgeois houses, then climb up to the Collegiate Church to admire an exceptional panorama; from the plain of Forez to the Massif Central, the Pilat and the Alps.

Combing(Putting on) majestically a headland richeux of the south point(headland) of the mounts of Forez, Saint-Bonnet-le-Château enjoys an exceptional panorama which extends of the plain of Forez in Massif Central, in Pilat and in the Alps.
This châtellenie comtale former(old) kept(preserved) a part(party) of the surrounding wall(speaker) of the strengthened village and aligns, along its paved alleys, bourgeois and aristocratic houses of the XVth and XVIth centuries.
The collegiate church, of Gothic style (at the beginning XVè-XVIème centuries) is remarkable by its scale and its sobriety.
Murals of an exceptional scale, executed near 1425, decorate the high church and the crypt.
St Bonnet-le-Château is also the cradle of the ball of steel and the exclusive place of manufacturing of the famous ball OBUT.

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