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If you're prone to get dizzy, I wouldn't look down while you're up there.
This village suspended in the air reaches 1,120 metres at its highest point and offers a bird's eye view over the River Furan. And there are mountains all around. All of this is just 5 kilometres from Saint-Etienne.

Here you'll only be welcome if you come as a friend.
There's a sign over the old gate in the town walls - it's quite clear, it says "the gate that welcomes the non-enemies".
And with good reason. The fortress perched up there on its crag has had to repulse a few assailants in its time. It wanted to be inaccessible, and it ended up succumbing under fire from its enemies. But like any feudal fortress worth its salt, it managed to preserve its towers (3 out of 4, not bad when you think of all those wars of religion). So if you want a stunning view, climb up to the top of the Keep - who knows what awaits you.
Otherwise, the pretty village inhabited by Rupisciciens features a rampart walk, where you will discover an old convent (now the town hall), a Gothic church, some fine stone buildings and a funny old legend. That's the legend of the fairy of the caves, which tells the story of 21 knights who went off looking for fairies and who found themselves stuck inside a cave for ever because it collapsed behind them. They are said to have replied to a sort of call by the fairies who wanted them to come and dance. A bit fishy that. And yet when you see all that wild beauty, you say think to yourself that it must hold a few secrets.

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