Have you got restless legs, a hankering to get out walking? Don't worry, the opportunities in this little corner of the world nestling between Loire and Haute-Loire are endless, with walks galore.

You might be tempted by the route des babets (pine cone route) in the Haut-Forez or the route des clochers (bell tower route). Get your walking shoes on and off you go, en route to discover the hidden treasures of Rozier Côte d'Aurec, Saint-Nizier-de-Fornas or Saint-Maurice-en-Gourgois. Over near Saint-Bonnet-le-Château, you will have to ask yourself THE question: "Do you shoot or do you point?". Petanque, a sport played only in Provence? No way! You only have to go up this charming village to see that's not true. As well as boasting one of the region's finest collegiate churches – which has a famous collection of mummies, by the way – the Cacamerlots (yes, that's what they call the inhabitants) also have the famous Obut company among them. Over 3 million petanque boules come off its production line each year. That makes for quite a number of carreaux, we can tell you...

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