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There's no need to be particularly religious to appreciate that the Rozier Clunisian priory is a fine piece of religious architecture, which has been enhanced over the centuries without ever losing sight of its origins. A must see.

Here you are at an altitude of 700 m in the little village of Rozier. 500 souls and you. Strange place for a stopover. But this odyssey is not one you make by chance. With all that you've heard about this Clunisian priory, it was high time you came out and took a look for yourself. Once you are on the site, there's no denying the emotion it inspires. Beautiful green setting, picture postcard village plus an architectural gem. It's bound to make you want to find out more about the building that has been transformed and restored on numerous occasions since it was built over 800 years ago. The interior is also guaranteed to impress with the scene of Christ in majesty and adoration of the magi (that's our hookline for the erudite among you). But rest assured, no prior knowledge or obedience is needed to appreciate the sheer beauty of this site (which suits us fine). Neophytes and laymen welcome. Hallelujah.

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