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Ode to the Ribbon, or How a simple strip of fabric governed whole families' lives for decades. Demonstrations, explanations and just a touch of nostalgia. No need to get tearful though, the ribbon is still hanging on in there.

No, not everything is lost. Especially when it's a business that has marked the life of an entire town (what am I saying, the whole district) for decades. So slip on your overalls, roll up your sleeves and get stuck in - discover the work and life of the ribbon and braid maker.
Because we're actually quite proud of these colourful ribbons, flat or twisted, woven and rewoven.
Because they provided the livelihoods of thousands of families (in Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds and all over the Department).
Because they made an industrial capital of Saint-Etienne (we like being the limelight).
And because they are part collective memory (you know, the stories we tell our families by the fireside).
So without wishing to upstage anyone (it's not like them to try and steal the limelight from la Petite Reine (a bike) or be mean to the mines), the humble ribbon has opened its own "house".
Well, really it's the town that's given it a little present, to say thank you.
It's both a museum that tells the story of the ribbon industry and a living workshop reproducing the operations (with Jacquard looms in action).
But it's also a Chamber of Knowledge that demonstrates how people have managed to preserve their skills and know-how whilst still innovating.
That's right. Because remembering is great, but there's no question of just looking backwards. Because the ribbon has every intention of keeping on moving forward.

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