The tram is a journey within a journey. The chance to take your time and rest those weary feet. Get out your camera and turn on burst mode, there are "people" on the balconies along the Grand’rue.

I move, you move, he moves, we move. And it Saint-Étienne, when people move, it's on the tram. And it's nothing new, because we opted for the tram concept back in 1881 and we never let it go. Unlike some. And that means we're running the oldest tram network in France. When other cities were giving in to the latest trends, dismantling their networks and then building them again, we stayed on track (#tropfiers). Of course along the way, we've given the trams a makeover, modernised the network and added some new lines, to keep abreast of the times. That's how come over 100,000 people cross the city every day without polluting it (well done, the green vests!) and keeping congestion down. And as the city is packed with interesting things to see and the tram takes its time (OK, ours too sometimes), it's also the perfect opportunity to open your eyes and your shakras. Especially as you travel along the Grand’rue, which has been the city's main artery since 1825. 7 km linking the La Terrasse station to Bellevue, with a difference of 80 m between its highest and lowest points. With such a circuit even the weather has time to change. But that won't matter, as you will be in the tram. Take advantage of your journey to turn your gaze upward: there are mascarons, atlases and caryatids just waiting to catch your eye.

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