If you think mining is something to do with big data, it is time to have a day out at the Puits Couriot. Before it was here that miners went underground to dig coal.

The site is now a listed Historical Monument and there's more fun to be had than in the old days. The museum tells the story of the Saint-Étienne's adventure with coal and even includes short trip down the pit. It's like being there for real, it shakes you up in every sense of the word. Outside though, change of atmosphere. The "Saint-Étienne Live" eco-festival that takes place underneath the place under the headframe is a favourite with music-lovers. It gets off to a gentle start with a game of petanque and a local beer, then everyone goers into the park to get warmed up ready for a good bop. Just opposite, all this agitation does not stop the slag heaps from continuing to slowly consume themselves. These two hillocks made of mining waste are actually forbidden to the public, but you know the locals… they are often the location where artists with a rebellious tendency can express themselves.

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