The Hôtel de Ville is a former Convent of Minimes, founded on 27 January 1628 by Gabrielle de Gadagne, wife of Jacques Mitte de Chevrières, lord of Saint- Chamond.

As a national property, the convent was put up for sale in 1792. The town hall immediately settled in part of the buildings. Marists settled in the ones that remained vacant in 1850.

In 1861, after the abandonment of municipal premises, the College of Saint Marie occupied the whole building after building a chapel there with a cloister around the court of honour.

1877 saw the departure of the Marists and the return of the town hall, and it is in one of the dormitories, splendidly transformed into a negotiations room, that the Local Council sat thereafter.

In 1879, all the council services were established there and the purchase of two significant plots of land enabled Saint-Chamond to be blessed with a public garden.

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