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Whether on foot, on your bike or on horseback - Doizieux has plenty for you to visit.
50 hamlets, a medieval tower and trees as far as the eye can see.
A perfect day out for lovers (of nature and the others).

In Doizieux, we don't do things by halves. Quite opposite, we do things in twos.
Two villages, two churches, two schools and twice as many reasons to come and get away from it all in this bucolic setting.
And my word, is it bucolic. With 2000 hectares of forest, Doizieux has wood galore. But watch out, rules apply, Doizieux looks after its woods.
It protects them, it works them (there are sawmills all along the River Dorlay) and it celebrates them on an XL scale (the Fête du Bois (wood festival) is quite a show).
Difficult to resist the call of the forest. So walking shoes on, and off you go (or if you prefer, get on your bike or your horse).
If you're good, we'll even let you climb up to the Collet de Doizieux so that you can see the superb panoramic view of the Rhône Valley and the Alps.
And that's not all, Doizieux is also a pretty medieval village with a timeless wash place (it's like something out of an impressionist painting) and some magnificent crosses dotted around the hamlets. Not forgetting an imposing square tower. A vestige of the medieval fortress, the building has had a bit of a makeover since then (some Moorish-looking crenellations...) and actually looks a lot younger than it is. It must be the country air!

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