Beautiful, isn't it, our Châteaucreux station? Who would have thought that this old industrial district would one day be transformed into an ultra-modern business quarter?!

Because no, it didn't always look like it does now. In the middle of the 19th century, the original station was built entirely of wood. What a strange idea! So why? Well, because this stretch of land has mine workings underneath it, so they opted for the lightest material to avoid the building subsiding over the years. Then in 1884, a new building was put up to replace the old one. This time, the engineers designed a metal frame covered with bricks. This method meant the building still met the requirement of lightness, but with improved rigidity. Clever, eh? Finally, it was renovated in the 1980s, but in a spirit of "heritage protection", so it kept its fine glazed bricks and their motifs. Today the concourse of Châteaucreux station hosts many urban projects and aims to arouse curiosity. Try it and see! Sit down on one of the funny "nail" seats by designer François Bauchet, admire Assan Smati's dazzling Blue horses and end your stroll with a look at Philippe Million Multi-coloured tree. Saint-Étienne - a grey city? What an odd idea!

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