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  • Esplanade de France
    42000 Saint-Etienne


Terminus, everybody off. Drop off your suitcases, but keep your camera. But be careful, though, there's a slightly odd blue horse hanging about in the area. It seems he's been eating the fruit from the multi-coloured tree. Welcome to Sainté!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are arriving at Saint-Étienne Chateaucreux. We hope you have had a good journey. Just a word of advice before you leave the train: prepare to be blown over by what you see. See how nice we are (and that's not just a rumour, it's the truth) - we prefer to put you in the mood right away. You won't be able to say we didn't warn you. Because the Design adventure starts here on the station concourse for you and your little suitcase. The stools by designer François Bauchet, the Blue horses by sculptor Assan Smati, Philippe Million's Multi-coloured tree. No, no, you're not in an exhibition hall - unless you got off at the wrong stop. Although... actually, maybe you are. Maybe you are going to find out that this city, which really isn't like all the others, is going to overturn your habits and take you somewhere you weren't expecting. And that every street, every neighbourhood is reinventing itself to be part of this giant open-air gallery. Because it's true, it's a pretty bold move to put real works of art here and there around town rather than confining them to a nice, tidy box of a museum. And it's a smart one because, like that, they're impossible to miss. That's what they call modernity. QED.

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