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And you thought than "unusual house" meant tree house? Well, here's the proof that that is not necessarily the case: the CIS, a building classified as 20th century heritage. An ethical stopover and a feel-good place.

Whatever the absolutists might say, the Centre International de Séjour André Wogenscky (CIS) is not a hostel: it's a concept. It would be a mistake not to take an interest in it. Because mixing artists, students and tourists in one and the same place is quite a daring thing to do - and it has worked! The brains behind the project belong to André Wogenscky, a slightly "nutty" architect nourished on the Le Corbusier potion (out of stock now) and with a totally nonconformist and humanist outlook. Bathrooms that look like cruise liners, multi-coloured meeting halls and design furniture, and a pervading atmosphere of eco-friendly, slightly leftie solidarity. In short "living together version 2.0 for dummies". Worth trying if you want to understand today's world and help to shape tomorrow's. Who said tourists can't think about real issues?

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