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How about we take a step off the beaten track when it comes to murals? No more gardens or trompe l’œil farms. In Sainté (Saint-Étienne to you), we have Ella and Pitr's giants. These are not there just to cover something up or as decoration, they're meant to have meaning.

Modular, Urban, Reactive (MUR). Those 3 words sum up the work of artists Ella and Pitr, who've been spreading their brand of insolence and poetic charm around the city since 2007. 2 Saint-Étienne natives whose paint pots and souls have come together to create a unique style. Once you get over the initial shock (they are pretty imposing, our little giants), you'll find you can't get enough of them. You'll end up looking out for them on every street corner.
Unusual characters, outsize dimensions, colours galore and always a message. A real one. That's the secret of their appeal. And it works.
With their funny faces and disjointed limbs (maybe they should hold back on the osteopathy), the giants are at home here. Sometimes lying down, sometimes standing, asleep or just looking thoughtful, no two are the same and yet they are always recognisable.
On the façade at Ateliers Weiss, they've really gone to town, treating us (and what a treat!) to an indulgent chocolate-related fresco! Chocolate is so lovely! Why deprive yourself? The fresco illustrates perfectly all the pleasure we get out of consuming it.
In short, whether you are well-versed in art or a novice, Ella and Pitr's style will speak to you. In the heart of a city focused on innovation and modernity, it's the least you could ask for. These are not so much morals as XXL-sized slices of life. They're original and caustic. We're on board. We love 'em.

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