Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye... It's true, everything in the Jarez is good and especially on the backroads.

Cycles trails by the dozen, under the open skies, near the water, through the woods … but also with as their milestones the numerous crosses that dot the area. Croix de Grand champ, Croix de Laurisse, Croix de Mission... in short, a chain of structures forming targets to aim for. On the way, you will also come across Saint-Christo-en-Jarez, Fontanès, Marcenod and Valfleury. Villages that all offer a welcome worthy of the name, with panoramic views, wooded parks and well-merited little restaurants thrown in. Go on, we'll share a tip, a hiking trail we've really fallen in love with! In Saint-Christo-en-Jarez, you'll find the "Pomme Melrose" trail (nothing to do with the famous TV series, TV Melrose Place, s far as we know!). We will warn you though, once you set off on the 3 ½ hour hike just above the orchards on the Jarez hills, there'll be nobody to do it for you. But it's well worth the effort, for the views and your health!

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