• 42800 Rive-de-Gier


Quick geography lesson. The Gier is a river that has its source in the heights of Le Pilat, at La Jasserie to be precise.

After tumbling 900 metres over a magnificent stretch of just 12 kilometres), it disappears underground near Saint-Chamond and then continues its course gently to finish up at Givors. Anyway, over its 44 kilometres, the Gier and its valley hold some good surprises. Little villages, big nature, heritage, engineering… there's plenty to do and see. So how about coming to see how the river powered 700 weaving looms in one textile mill, at the Maison des Tresses et Lacets? Or perhaps you would prefer to study the foundations of the Roman aqueduct? Or the rock with a hole (Rocher Percé)? Or why not go and step into a blacksmith's shoes at La Mourine? However you decide to spend your day, by the end of it, you'll appreciate a little glass of red wine - a Coteaux du Gier, of course, to be drunk in moderation, as usual.

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