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What do the MoMa in New York, Peggy-Guggenheim and the Villa Medicis in Venice have in common? The MAMC has lent works to all of them.

That's right... After the Pompidou centre, it's in Saint-Étienne that you will find the largest collection of contemporary art in France. We've already had Anish Kapoor's overwhelming red (My Red Homeland), Nathalie Talec's glass and neon shelter (Gimme Shelter) and Jean-Michel Othoniel's bewitching wave. Doesn't that last name ring a bell? It should, he's a local boy and he's known all over the world. Behind it's peculiar all-black façade, covered with ceramic tiles that light up at night, the MAMC de Saint-Étienne has all sorts of surprises in store for you.

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