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Don’t visit, live the past!
That’s exactly what the Adventure of the Train proposes: it’s an immersive digital trail that transports you – in a wagon, if you please – back to the industrial revolution, to meet the pioneers of the railways. You might not know it, but the first railway line in continental Europe was built between Saint-Étienne and Andrézieux in 1827. An amazing innovation at the time, driven by the need to transport the local coal more easily to France’s cities (the coal was then transferred onto rambertes, large barges that plied the Loire – you can see one at Château de Bouthéon). Such a revolution developed certainly deserved its own visitor centre. So all aboard, this is where the Adventure of the Train begins.

All the info on how to get there :

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  • L_Aventure_du_train-Aventure_du_train___Ello_Video-84040-1600px
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