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If it’s an ice-cream lolly that comes to mind when you hear the expression “FabLab”, hurry up and read what comes next.
A FabLab, for those of you who haven’t kept up, is a sort of workshop, but more modern. A place where people come to exchange ideas and take advantage of the latest generation of equipment to innovate, create, make prototypes. And OpenFactory is the local name for the Saint-Étienne FabLab. Has everybody followed that? As its name suggests, we are open to all at the OpenFactory: students, entrepreneurs, people looking to retrain, pensioners, in short all those who want to understand and try out digital manufacturing, in a friendly, good-humoured setting. But what exactly can you do with a digital milling machine or a laser cutting machine? Go and find out for yourself – we’ve in favour of DIY here!

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