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What can you do with a derelict industrial site? A new neighbourhood with a bright future, of course!
In Saint-Chamond, they’ve sent the war machines off to be made somewhere else and converted the old factory into a giant leisure area. Novaciéries, as it’s called, covers a 45-hectare site. It’s a sustainable neighbourhood, a landscaped park and an eco-industrial site, all at once. Homes, shops, leisure park… this new eco-responsible neighbourhood has something to keep everyone happy. A little bit of shopping, cycle tracks and a skatepark over here, connected spaces over there, an open-air stage, a cinema over there, and even a water garden supplied by rainwater. And, because we like to do things right, the site not only qualifies for the national “EcoQuartier” label, it also won first prize in the Lumières® 2020 competition. Hats off to Saint-Chamond!

All the info on how to get there :

  • Saint-Etienne Métropole_Jérôme Abou
  • Saint-Etienne Métropole _Daniel Grand (3)
  • Saint-Etienne Métropole Fabrice Roure (3)
  • Saint-Etienne Métropole _Daniel Grand (16)
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  • Saint-Etienne Métropole _Daniel Grand (13)
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  • Saint-Etienne Métropole Jérôme Abou (2)