What can you do with an industrial wasteland? A new neighbourhood with a bright future, of course!
In Saint-Chamond, they’ve sent the war machines off to be made somewhere else and converted the old factory into a giant leisure area. Novaciéries, as it’s called, covers a 45-hectare site. It’s a sustainable neighbourhood, a landscaped park and an eco-industrial site, all at once. Homes, shops, leisure park… this new eco-responsible neighbourhood has something to keep everyone happy. A little bit of shopping, cycle tracks and skatepark over here, connected spaces over there, an open-air stage, a cinema and even a water garden supplied by rainwater. And, because we do things right, the site qualifies for the national “EcoQuartier” label. Hats off to Saint-Chamond!

All the info on how to get there : www.stephanois-hors-cadre.fr

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