Can you imagine? An entire city quarter dedicated to great ideas and innovation. He creative quarter, otherwise known as Manufacture Plaine Achille, is a town within a town. No more guns. Now in the aisles of the old Manufacture, it’s all people cheerfully working on and immersing themselves in all things new. Artists, the media, students, start-uppers, researchers… there’s room for everyone on the 20-hectare site. This new eco-quarter fully intends to give the city’s economy a boost. You can pool your grey matter and share tips in the co-working spaces, you can rack your brains and work up an appetite ready for a zero-waste meal at La FABuleuse cantine. And what about rounding off the day with a quick visit to an exhibition? There’s always something worth seeing, as you’d expect in any third place worth its salt.

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  • A Quarter-ful of ideas
    3 rue Javelin Pagnon
    42000 Saint-Étienne