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Can you imagine? An entire city quarter dedicated to great ideas and innovation. The creative quarter, otherwise known as Manufacture Plaine-Achille, is a town within a town.
No more guns. Now the aisles of the old Manufacture are full of people cheerfully working side by side and sharing their curiosity. Artists, the media, students, startuppers, researchers… There’s room for everyone on the 20-hectare site, and even more so now that the Centre des Savoirs pour l’Innovation – a centre for knowledge and innovation designed to foster exchanges between academics and companies – has opened. This new eco-quarter fully intends to give the city’s economy a boost. You can pool your grey matter and share tips in the co-working spaces, you can rack your brains and work up an appetite ready for a zero-waste meal at La Fabuleuse cantine. And what about rounding off the day with a quick visit to an exhibition? There’s always something worth seeing, as you’d expect in any third place worth its salt.

All the info on how to get there:

  • Julien et Tamara (4)
  • Julien et Tamara (8) Manufacture
  • Julien et Tamara (11) Ecole supérieure art et de design
  • Saint-etienne dernieres photos-5 La Manufacture
  • Saint-etienne dernieres photos-7 La Manufacture
  • Saint-Etienne_tourisme&congres_EvelyneDeveaux (1) La Manufacture
  • Saint-Etienne_tourisme&congres_EvelyneDeveaux (2) La Manufacture
  • Fabuleuse_Cantine_Marion_Dubanchet_2019-1 La Manufacture
  • Julien et Tamara (5) La Manufacture
  • Fabuleuse_Cantine_Marion_Dubanchet_2019-7 La Fabuleuse Cantine
  • Julien et Tamara (6) Cité du design
  • Julien et Tamara (9) La Manufacture
  • Saint-Etienne_tourisme&congres_Magali Stora (3) La Manufacture