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Interested in graffiti art? There’s no better place to find it than a town like Sainté.
Thanks to the region’s industrial past, graffiti artists and co have plenty of scope to express themselves. When it’s not an abandoned factory providing them with a canvas, it’s a local festival, the SAFIR* in Roche-la-Molière. Sometimes, the city actually provides a wall. The M.U.R. Saint-Étienne is a giant art wall installed right in the street (rue du Frère Maras, to be precise), which invites a different guest artist to fill the space every month. That’s how we are in Saint-Étienne, we like big art. Very big even. Ella and Pitr, does that ring a bell? Their giant works, often ephemeral and anamorphic, can only be admired if you stand well back. You see, more locals inviting you to change your point of view…
*Street Art Festival in Roche-la-Molière

All the info on how to get there:

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