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The Loire is France’s longest river, 1,006 kilometres – that’s a lot of banks to build castles on…
Well, of course you can’t compare Bouthéon with Chambord or Chenonceau: smaller, further south, but also more unusual. In this former medieval fortress, ghosts show around, paintings talk, looms still weave and fish swim in the basement. Also in the basement, you can board a ramberte (a barge created here 300 years ago to haul coal) along with a sailor who will tell all about river navigation and the Marine de la Loire. And all no risk of getting wet – the experience is immersive, but digital!
Outside, farm animals wander the paths, the gardens grow useful everyday plants and all the lakes in grounds are eco-friendly. No bad eh, life at the château?


All the info on how to get there plus all the latest news :


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