Mmm, a smell of coffee in the air…
Look no further, it’s the coffee roastery at Cafés Chapuis where they’ve been (re)awakening your senses since 1945. Your senses… let’s talk about them! Coffee roasters for 3 generations, at Cafés Chapuis there’s nothing they don’t know about coffee! Especially since they opened Village Café in 2016: a place that gather a tasting space, a shop and a museum. Are you looking for truly passionate coffee lovers, people who really care about the quality of their products? Look no further – hurry over to Cafés Chapuis! And once you’ve learnt all there is to know about coffee, you won’t be able to resist having having one cup of coffee -or two – in the coffee shop. Be sure not to leave the shop without some bâtons crème (cream sticks). They’re a delight!


All the info on how to get there plus all the latest news :

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