Welcome to the design lab city where you can try your hand at sitting, but not only that!
The urban furniture in Sainté is tested in its life- size form to discover the specificity of each bench: “Mâtuvu”, “Cubes Gigogne”, “Parcours des étoiles”… it’s intriguing no? Our urban wastelands are becoming new playgrounds and walking areas and many other designers’ creations are nestled everywhere. Come on, we’ll give you 2 or 3 of them just as an appetizer: musical ramps that revisit the handrail, the creation of a natural space in the heart of the city associated with a belvedere walk bearing the sweet name of “Jardin des Possibles, balade en bord de terre”, the lighting of Saint-Charles’ Cathedral or even nice shops that play the design game and challenge each other in a competition… That’s what Saint- Étienne’s design in the urban space is about, it’s innovative, participatory and, what’s more, it brings people together!

All the info on how to get there: www.stephanois-hors-cadre.fr

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