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In Sainté, where can you bump into Warhol, Richter or Garouste? At the MAMC+ of course…
That’s right… After the Pompidou Centre, it’s in Saint-Étienne that you will find the largest collection of contemporary art in France (20,000 works is something to write home about!). And when it comes to temporary exhibitions, they’re up there with big boys too. We’ve already been able to admire Robert Morris’s monumental sculptures, Lionel Sabatté’s trees with their dead skin flowers and the bewitching wave of JeanMichel Othoniel, a local boy with a worldwide reputation. Behind it’s peculiar all-black façade, covered with ceramic tiles that light up at night, the place is overflowing with art, even in the restaurant, “Le Carré des Nuances”. Saint-Étienne’s MAMC+ has all sorts of surprises in store for you.


All the info on how to get there and what exhibitions to see:

  • Saint-Etienne_tourisme&congres_Nathaly Musée Art moderne et contemporain (2)
  • 2018 dec-vernissage MAMC ND (11)@2x
  • MAMC2@2x
  • 2018 dec-vernissage MAMC ND (12)@2x
  • Expo_SETC-jeune-public-credit-charlotte-pierot
  • Musée Art moderne et contemporain
  • Expo_SETC-public-adulte-credit-charlotte-pierot
  • exposition
  • Expo_SETC-public-ado-appli-credit-charlotte-pierot