Come in, come in! Come and taste our produce, it comes direct from the farm. 100% authentic - enjoy, don't hold back!

Open your eyes wide, sharpen your sense of smell and follow the noises. Welcome to the Halles Mazerat (named after the architect-designer). Don't expect to find peace and quiet here, this place is all effervescence and opulence. There's plenty to satisfy the most Gargantuan of appetites. The 21st century version of the horn of plenty: the 165 traders who have set up their stalls here over the years invite the passer-by to indulge - without any complexes. And complexes are one thing that this 146-year old structure certainly doesn't have. In spite of a succession of facelifts (alterations and renovations in 1964, 1988 and 2007), the lady looks as young and fresh-faced as ever. It's alright for some. There are even stories that she will be going under the knife again soon - ah, what some people will do for eternal youth! At the same time, it has to be said that she has moved with the times. Originally home to auction produce markets, and later part of the giant Casino group, today it is a reflection of our habits, on a quest to find its identity. One thing is for sure: it won't swallow just any old thing.

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