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Whether you're sporty by nature or not, come and try your hand at water-skiing, wakeboarding or wakesurfing. These are easy-access, fun activities that everyone can do, and they'll give you the chance to see the Loire from a different angle.

We offer three different activities:
- Water-skiing: basically this is like skiing, but you are pulled behind a boat.
- Wakeboarding is similar to water-skiing, but you'll only have one board, a bit like a snowboard.
- Wakesurfing is surfing directly on the boat's wake.
You can practise all these activities in two different places:
• At St Victor sur Loire marina from Monday to Friday for one-off sessions, and after-work sessions in the evening.
• At the Hameau des Echandes in Unieux, mainly at the weekend. We offer special all-in weekend packages including accommodation.
These activities are suitable for anyone. Even if you are not very sporty, the chances of getting out on the water and finding yourself gliding along are practically 100%. It's also a great opportunity to spend some time in a friendly atmosphere by the river in the idyllic setting of the banks of the Loire. Even those who don't want to have a go can come on board the boat and share in the fun.

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